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Cambridge Earth System Science NERC DTP

Graduate Research Opportunities

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The Cambridge Earth System Sciences (ESS) DTP provides PhD training across NERC science. Embedded in the outstanding research environment of the University of Cambridge and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), it is organised around three major research themes: Solid Earth, Climate and Biology. Students in the DTP cohort engage in research projects of global significance across the physical, chemical and biological sciences, and graduate with strong numerical and modelling skills. A network of links within national and international science, industry and government prepares students to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Climate Theme

Builds on long-standing research programmes in modelling and observing the atmosphere and oceans, the cryosphere and paleoclimate.

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Biology Theme

Structured around five core topics: ecosystem dynamics, conservation science, behavioural and evolutionary ecology, palaeontology, phylogeny and diversity, and epidemiology.

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Solid Earth Theme

Specialties include whole-earth geophysics and geodynamics, mineralogy, petrology and volcanology, and evolution of the oceanic and continental crust.

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