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British Antarctic Survey Graduate Administrator

Research Studentships

C424: The changing climate of Arctic Russia and its role in governing the present and future northern treeline (Lead Supervisor: Gareth Marshall, British Antarctic Survey):
C418: Exploring hydrological systems beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet using high precision radar (Lead Supervisor: Keith Nicholls, British Antarctic Survey):
B435: Blowing in the wind: atmospheric and biological connectivity in the Antarctic (Lead Supervisor: Peter Convey, British Antarctic Survey):
C410: Reconstructing Antarctic sea ice using marine organics in ice cores (Lead Supervisor: Elizabeth Thomas, British Antarctic Survey):
C429: What can machine learning tell us about the physical and biogeochemical structure of the Southern Ocean? (Lead Supervisor: Dan Jones, British Antarctic Survey):
C417: Future stratospheric ozone changes and associated surface climate impacts (Lead Supervisor: Andrew Orr, British Antarctic Survey):
B403: Studying Antarctic ice seals by remote sensing (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Peter Fretwell, British Antarctic Survey):
E442: Modelling lithospheric architecture and dynamic topography in Antarctica (Lead Supervisor: Fausto Ferraccioli, British Antarctic Survey):
C402: New modelling tools for addressing computationally challenging climate science problems involving the ocean carbon cycle (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey):
C405: Machine learning for Megacities: Understanding the impact of future climate extremes on energy resilience (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Scott Hosking, British Antarctic Survey):
C428: Architecture and dynamics of ice flow in the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, a key to the last glacial cycle (Lead Supervisor: Tom A. Jordan, British Antarctic Survey):
C432: Water flow beneath past ice sheets (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Kelly Hogan, British Antarctic Survey):