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Department of Geography Graduate Administrator

Research Studentships

B440: Linking temperature changes and treeline dynamics on the Tibetan Plateau (Lead Supervisor: Ulf Büntgen, Geography):
C422: Mind the gap: exploiting satellite technology for coastal climate change adaptation in the data-poor ‘gap’ of intertidal zones (Lead Supervisor: Iris Möller, Geography):
E434: Tephra records of explosive volcanism along the Kenyan Rift (Lead Supervisor: Christine Lane, Geography):
C442: Hydroclimatic risk assessment for Bhutan (Lead Supervisor: Ulf Büntgen, Geography):
B441: Reconstructing the age and usage of Golden Eagle eyries in the eastern Swiss Alps (Lead Supervisor: Ulf Büntgen, Geography):
C437: Past human expansions: the role of climate (Lead Supervisor: Andrew D. Friend, Geography):
C425: Combining European tree ring and tephra chronologies for reconstructing Late Glacial climate variability (Lead Supervisor: Christine Lane, Geography):
B428: Terrestrial vegetation dynamics, climate, and the global carbon cycle (Lead Supervisor: Andrew D. Friend, Geography):
C443: On the importance of Icelandic volcanism for the Earth's climate system (Lead Supervisor: Ulf Büntgen, Geography):
Scott Polar Research Institute (a sub-department of Geography):
B429: Animal-plant interactions affecting ecosystem dynamics (Lead Supervisor: Andrew Friend, Geography):
C420: Quantifying the impact of atmospheric dust on vegetation and hydro-climate in the Amazon rainforest during the last 20,000 years. (Lead Supervisor: Francesco Muschitiello, Geography):
C421: Building with Nature: the role of bio-physical linkages within coastal wetland restoration (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Iris Möller, Geography):
C440: Tracking atmospheric heat at the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet using fibre-optic sensors (Lead Supervisor: Poul Christoffersen, Geography/SPRI):
C406: Gas ash-particle separation and the role of particle aggregation in volcanic plumes (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Michael Herzog, Geography):