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Project Pro Forma for October 2019 Entry

All projects must be submitted on the proforma below by Friday 28th September 2018. If you would like to re-advertise a project from last year you will need to resubmit it on this form

Funding for the DTP is currently pending, to be confirmed September 2018; to meet recruitment timelines projects are requested in advance of this decision.

Lead Supervisor
Co-Supervisor(s) (Two co-supervisors will be published on the website. You may enter details of any further co-supervisors in the text box at the end of this section)
Which of the C-CLEAR DTP thematic areas does your project best fit?

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References: Maximum three and should be in the following style: White, R.S. & McKenzie, D. 1989. Volcanism at rifts. Scientific American, vol. 260, pp.62-71., DOI (if known)
Potential CASE partners associated with the research:
  Yes No
Lead Supervisor
Co-supervisor 1
Co-supervisor 2
Please check below that you have read the NERC remit at  

By submitting a C-CLEAR studentship proposal supervisors are asked to agree to the following:
1. Commitment that one person associated with the project (ideally a supervisor) will be present during the interview week (currently week of 25 February tbc) to meet candidates and show them around the department
2. Commitment of time for students to attend the Advances in Climate, Life and Earth Sciences Programme (Advances Programme) and other cohort activities organised by the DTP
3. Willingness to contribute to Advances Programme (no more than three hours per year)
4. Willingness for students to undertake a 1-3 month placement
Please check that you have read and agree to the above:  

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