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Archaeology and Anthropology: Division of Biological Anthropology


The Course Description is "PhD in Biological Anthropology"; entering the words Biological Anthropology in the Course Description Search should bring this up.

When prompted in the research section of the on-line application, please make sure that you enter the code and title of the project which you are applying for, as well as the name of the proposed supervisor.

If you wish to devise you own research project you should also submit a short research proposal which you should already have discussed with one of our staff members.

Click here to start the application process.

A unit of the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, the Division of Biological Anthropology studies the ecology and evolution of humans and non-human primates from a biological perspective. Research strengths include population genetics, genomics, skeletal biology, nutrition and health, and emergent disease. Current research involves laboratory and collections based approaches as well as mathematical modelling and fieldwork in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.