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Department of Zoology Graduate Administrator

Research Studentships

B406: The effects of logging and forest disturbance on tropical river ecosystems (Lead Supervisor: Edgar Turner, Zoology):
B410: Innovation and improvement in conservation practice (Lead Supervisor: William Sutherland, Zoology):
B442: Enemy release and parasitism in invasive and native bivalves (Lead Supervisor: David Aldridge, Zoology):
B415: Sensory adaptations in mimetic butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Stephen Montgomery, Zoology):
B402: The genetic basis for wing pattern variation in African diadem butterflies (Priority project with CASE partner) (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology):
B423: The sexy smells of tropical butterflies: Genetics of pheromones and female choice (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology):
B416: Avian brood parasitism as a model system for studying maternal effects in host populations (Lead Supervisor: Andrea Manica, Zoology):
B430: How do specialist caterpillars cope with stiff and sharp plant trichomes? (Lead Supervisor: Walter Federle, Zoology):
B424: Understanding the remarkable diversity of wing patterns in tropical butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Chris Jiggins, Zoology):
B431: Silk-based attachment of caterpillars on plant surfaces: biomechanics, and cost-benefit analysis of silk production (Lead Supervisor: Walter Federle, Zoology):
B417: Range expansions and local adaptaion in sharks and rays (Lead Supervisor: Andrea Manica, Zoology):
B412: Co-evolution of colour vision and coloration in colourful songbirds (Lead Supervisor: Nick Mundy, Zoology):
B414: Brain and behavioural adaptations to high altitude environments in butterflies (Lead Supervisor: Stephen Montgomery, Zoology):
B413: Evolution of red carotenoid coloration in birds (Lead Supervisor: Nick Mundy, Zoology):